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Mamuju, Indonesia
Tampa Padang Airport
GMT +8:00
Indonesian Rupiah

    In West Sulawesi, lies a small city called Mamuju. It spans 5.056,19 km2, and it is located next to Mamuju Tengah on the north, Majene, South Sulawesi on the east, Mamasa, South Sulawesi on the south, and Makassar strait on the west.

    There are many beautiful things worth seeing in Mamuju; ranging from its nature, culture, and educational tourism. These wonders make the city one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia.

    Here are some tourist attractions that you should not miss in Mamuju:

    • Karampuang Island
    • Manakarra Beach
    • Lombang Lombang Beach
    • Tammasapi Waterfall
    • Mangrove Bebanga Tourist
    • Anjoro Pitu
    • Mamuju Traditional House

    Mamuju also offers a vast array of culinary experience. Don’t miss the delicacy of bau piapi and sambusa, dishes made from fresh fish, jepa that is made from cassava and sago with a touch of brown sugar, and tetu which is made from flour, brown sugar and white sugar mixed with coconut milk.


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