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Manokwari, Indonesia
Rendani Airport
GMT +9:00
Indonesian Rupiah

    Manokwari Located right at the Manokwari-Northeastern Bird’s Head, lies Manokwari. With its own characteristics and exquisite nature, Manokwari will dazzle everyone who’d come to visit. Manokwari District becomes a part of several districts that exist in the region of West Papua, with an area of 1,356,944 km2 and as the place for the second highest population after the city of Sorong. Not only full of beautiful natural wonders, Manokwari has also become one of the sacred historical place for the Christians in Papua.

    The picturesque nature of Manokwari provides both of the best worlds; the harmless highlands and the exotic beaches making Manokwari becomes one of the fun holiday destinations for International and Domestic tourists.

    Here are several holiday destinations in Manokwari that you must visit:

    • Amban Beach

      Find something you rarely see in Amban Beach; with its coal-black sand and waves that roll beautifully to its shores. It is located 4km from Manokwari, right next to Tanjung Batu. It is the perfect place to enjoy sunset.

    • Anggi Lake

      Spanning for 2,000 hectares, this is the lake that exists in Anggi. You can reach this place from Manokwari by Cessna plane in only 30 minutes.

    • Bakaro Beach

      In Bakaro beach, there is a tradition that attracts many to see it: fishermen summon fish to the shores. They do it by using a whistle made out of shells while bringing fish pellets, so the fish will be drawn to them and come to the fishermen all on their own.

    • Arfak Mountains

      As a conservation area, Arfak Mountains provides a majestic view, cool fresh air, forest, valleys and also 320 kinds of birds. You can also visit the traditional village to see their culture and their way of living.

    • Mountain Meja Holiday Forest

      Just like its name suggests, this mountain looks just like a table. Located 2km from Manokwari, this place is perfect for hikers or for those of you who want to have a fun picnic with your loved ones. It is also perfect for people who want to do a little bit of biologu research. In this area, lies a monument that signifies the history of when the Japanese troops landed in Manokwari in WW2.



    • Bisnis Park D2, Jln. Trikorawosi, (0986) 211 444/214 400
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