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Saumlaki, Indonesia
Mathilda Batlayeri Airport
GMT +9:00
Indonesian Rupiah

    As the capital of Western Southeast Maluku Regency, Saumlaki is usually known by its catchy nickname MTB (Maluku Tenggara Barat). MTB district as you know it has the archipelago partially surrounded exclusively by the large body of coastline. Largest of Tanimber Islands; The Island of Yamdena, the home for most of the People of Maluku as inhabitants and also the home for the Government Representatives.

    Pristine and spectacular beaches stretch along this district, making themselves heard as the charm points of the region. If you were to visit Saumlaki, make sure you meet these 2 beauties:


    Christening Monument

    Respectively representing the christening and deployment of Catholic Religion in the Olilit Village; stood the Christening Monument that honors Clerk The Priest and The Vice President with Dutch Nationality in the year of 1910. Back in those days, words spread fast around Yamdena Island. Fast enough to create a major impact in result to the massive spread of the Catholic Religion in the year 1913. Up till’ this day, the monument becomes the main religious tourist attraction in the Saumlaki.


    Sembunyi Beach

    Located in the string of small islands in the Tanimber Islands, you can reach this beautiful destination in only less than 45 minutes fishing boat ride from the Olilit Village. White and soft sanded beaches stretched over the Island becomes the main focus in the Sembunyi Beach. Named “Sembunyi” which has the meaning of “Hidden” it’s all because the secluded heaven is in between the coral reefs that are still beautifully untouched. There are many activities that you can do in the Sembunyi Beach: cliff jumping, camping, and snorkeling.

    Other than the stated tourist attractions above, you can visit these places below:

    • Sife Beach
    • Weiluan Beach
    • Bomaki Waters
    • King of Christ Monument
    • Kelyar Beach
    • Matakus Island


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