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Selayar, Indonesia
H Aroeppala Airport
GMT +8:00
Indonesian Rupiah

    The Selayar Islands is an archipelago located in the Southern Sulawesi’s Coast. This archipelago is well-known for its beautiful nature, especially beaches, like Pinang Beach, Punagaan, Ngapalohe, Liang Kareta, Batu Karapu, Pa’Baddilang, Baloiya, Bahuluang and Batu Lohe, these are the beaches in The Selayar Archipelago.

    Other than the stated beaches, when you go to Selayar Islands, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Taka Bonerate National Park. Taka Bonerate National Park is also famous for its underwater paradise for the tourists, both, the international and domestic tourists who like the activities of diving or snorkeling. Taka Bonerate which means, “coral reefs island on the sand’ is the biggest atoll in Indonesia.

    Although it is very identical with its beaches and beautiful underwater paradise, Selayar Islands is also popular for its other tourist attractions. If you want the other nature tourist attractions, you can visit Bumi Tanadoang where you can meet the beautiful waterfalls, Agro Wisata nature bathing place, like The Area of Agro Batangmata Sapo. If you’re a historic darling, you can go to Gong Nekara, an old anchor, Tua Gantarang Mosque and The Old Village of Bitombang. For the cultural exploration, Selayar Islands has Manca Padang, Kongtau, A’tojeng, Pangaru Dance and Batti-Batti, the musical masterpiece.

    The culinary wonder in the Selayar Islands surely is not one to miss! Enjoy the wonderful taste of Tengteng Kenari, Emping Melinjo, Sengkang cake, Te’re, Kalakere and Haje Banne to complement your fabulous vacation in the Selayar Islands.


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