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Maximize your First Class travel experience with choose from our menu and book your meal in advance.

Terms and conditions

  • Each passenger can order 1 menu item of their choice.
  • This service is valid for the main course only.
  • This service is valid for breakfast / lunch / dinner meals.
  • Passengers can order the menu at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight.
  • This service can't be combined with the Special Meal.

How to Order:

Contact our First Class Contact Center at +6221 29655777


  • Traditional Coconut Rice with Chicken Serundeng
    Coconut milk steamed rice served with grated young coconut fried chicken, marinated boiled egg, bean curd, tempe and spicy fried potato

  • Turmeric Rice with Roasted Chicken
    Steamed rice cooked in turmeric, bay leaves and coconut milk served with roasted chicken, spicy salt anchovy, bajak sambal and prawn crackers

  • Betawi Coconut Steamed Rice with Braised Chicken
    Betawi coconut milk steamed rice served with braised chicken soy sauce, fried quail egg, skipjack tuna spicy sauce and sautéed green bean with tempe

  • Turmeric Rice with Chicken Curry
    Steamed rice cooked in turmeric, bay leaves and coconut milk serves with galangal scented chicken curry, braised egg in sweet soy sauce, braised jackfruit, boiled bean curd and tempe in sweet soy sauce also bajak sambal

  • Homemade Bircher Muesli
    Bircher muesli with pumpkin seed, raisin, caramelized apple and banana compote

  • Black Sticky Rice Porridge
    Black sticky rice mixed with coconut sugar and topped with coconut milk and fried banana

  • Klappertart
    Manadonese young coconut custard tart topped with chocolate sauce, fresh strawberry and kiwi

  • Cream Cheese Bagels
    Sesame bagels, cream cheese, almond caramel

  • Japanese Breakfast Set
    Set menu of Japanese breakfast consist of steamed rice, miso soup, and side dishes made up from natural ingredients with fresh appearance
  • Roasted Lamb Loin, Garlic Rosemary Sauce
    Marinated roasted lamb loin with garlic rosemary sauce served with seasoned potato wedges and sauteed baby carrot and boiled romanesco broccoli

  • Roasted Duck Thai Curry
    Roasted Duck breast drizzle with Thai curry sauce served with Jasmine rice and sauteed mix vegetables

  • Cream Cheese Spinach Stuffed Rolled Chicken Thigh
    Rolled chicken thigh stuffed with cream cheese spinach and herb thyme butter jus served with wild mushroom, potato and sauteed vegetables

  • Lobster with Tomato and Basil Sauce
    Sousvide Lobster tomato basil sauce served with boiled angel hair pasta, sauteed asparagus and snap peas

  • Seared Scallop Prawn with Butter Lemon Cream Sauce
    Seared scallop and prawn with lemon butter cream sauce served with braised black lentil, sauteed brocolli, snap peas and mushroom shitake

  • King Oyster Mushroom Ravioli
    King oyster mushroom ravioli drizzled with pesto cream sauce served with roasted mix vegetables, eringi mushroom and roasted pine seed

  • Grilled Vegetable Lasagna
    Lasagna layered with grilled vegetable, tomato coulis, basil pesto and sprinkled with baby mizuna leaves

  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin Lemon Grass Sauce
    Grilled beef tenderloin on skewers with lemon grass sauce served with jasmine rice, sauteed asparagus, sauteed mushroom shitake and shimeji

  • Seared Beef Loin with Black Bean Sauce
    Seared beef loin with black bean sauce served with Chinese fried rice, garnished with cherry tomato

  • Lo Mein Seafood Szechuan Sauce
    Wok fried lo mein tossed with scallop, prawn and alfonsino fish in szechuan sauce

  • Japanese Kaiseki
    Kaiseki is the traditional Japanese multi-course haute cuisine, using the finest ingredients of the season, the delicacy of taste, and beautiful presentation
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