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In relation to the recent announcement from the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation concerning Garuda Indonesia’s Makassar-Medan-Jeddah vv service, which should have been operating under a single flight number, but until recently was still being operated under two flight numbers - therefore it was considered that the airline had violated their terms of license - we hereby clarify that Garuda Indonesia has now integrated its flight numbers for the Makassar-Medan-Jeddah vv service.

The Ministry of Transportation announced that there were four Garuda Indonesia’s flights that were said to be violating their terms of license; Makassar-Medan-Jeddah vv, which use the following flight numbers:

  • Makassar-Medan (GA626) and Medan-Jeddah (GA986)
  • Jeddah-Medan (GA-987) and Medan-Makassar (GA627)


In accordance with a license granted by the Ministry of Transportation, starting from December 16, 2014, Garuda Indonesia had been operating the above flights using these flight numbers.

Furthermore, Garuda Indonesia had actually filed for an adjustment to integrate its Makassar-Medan-Jeddah vv service flight numbers, so that instead of having four flight numbers there would be only two flight numbers that encompassed the whole return route; GA986/GA987. The new flight numbers were expected to be effective starting from January 1, 2015.

However, until January 9, 2015, the Ministry of Transportation found that Garuda Indonesia was still implementing its Makassar-Medan-Jeddah route under the GA626 and GA986 flight numbers, while the Jeddah-Medan-Makassar route was being operated under GA987 and GA627 flight number, instead of the integrated flight numbers that had previously been sanctioned.

Based on the Ministry of Transportation’s finding that the operation of the above service, under two flight numbers per route was considered as a violation of their terms of license, Garuda Indonesia has immediately undertaken corrective action, and in accordance with the license granted by the Ministry of Transportation Ministry of Transportation, Garuda Indonesia is now operating its Makassar-Medan-Jeddah vv route under the GA986/GA987 flight number.

Jakarta, January 10, 2015


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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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