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Use Your Tickets and Travel Vouchers Immediately!

Plan your trip immediately if you have tickets and travel vouchers (EMD) due to travel restrictions during the corona waiver period. Use your tickets and travel vouchers (EMD) for flight periods until 31 December 2023.

We Understand You

  • For ticket owners under the corona waiver period, please use your ticket immediately before 31 December 2023.
  • If the ticket is not used for a flight before December 31, 2023, the ticket cannot be reused.
  • For passengers who already hold a Travel Voucher (EMD), they are entitled to use the Travel Voucher (EMD) with the following conditions:
    • Travel Voucher (EMD) cannot be refunded
    • Travel Voucher (EMD) can be redeemed to all Garuda Indonesia products (except Sales on Board and Sales on Ground)
    • Travel Voucher (EMD) redemption until 31 December 2023
    • If the Travel Voucher (EMD) owner redeems into a new ticket, the flight period follows the terms of the new ticket, where the return flight ends maximum on 31 December 2023
    • It is strongly recommended not to redeem Travel Vouchers (EMD) on behalf of passengers.
    • If in a forced condition the passenger must provide a Travel Voucher (EMD) for another person, it can be done by fulfilling the following document requirements:
      1. Passenger / representative / who will use the ticket, bring the original ID card (KTP) of the passenger and the representative and the original ID card (KTP) of the passenger whose name will appear on the ticket to the nearest Garuda Indonesia Sales Office.
      2. Bring the original power of attorney, with the format that can be downloaded here
      3. Bring Travel Voucher (EMD) document
      4. The original passenger who owns the Travel Voucher (EMD) must be able to be contacted by Garuda Indonesia officers for the verification process.
No Document Complete Travelling Terms of Travel Vouchers (EMD) / Tickets Redemption Place Of Redeem
1 EMD / Travel Voucher 12/31/2023. BOD Applied Self usage : EMD voucher No/ Ticket No, Original ID Card Contact Centre
EMD Voucher, EMD Down Payment, EMD Group Full Payment, and EMD Residual balance with Date of Issued on/after 01Mar20. Travel Voucher (EMD) can also be redeemed for other Garuda Indonesia products (not valid for Sales on Ground and Sales on Board products). Self usage : EMD voucher No/ Ticket No, Original ID Card/KK/Passport/KITAS, Original messenger IDCard.

Transferred to other Pax Name : Original Power of Attorney, Original IDCard/KK/KITAS/Passport of the original Pax,and Original IDCard/KK/KITAS/Passport of messenger
Garuda Indonesia Sales Office
2 Ticket Original Power of Attorney, Original ID Card/KK/KITAS/Passport of the original Pax,and Original IDCard/KK/KITAS/Passport of messenger Garuda Indonesia Sales Office and Contact Centre
Tickets issued during the Covid19 pandemic up to the period of purchase on/after 01MAR20 to 29AUG22. Tickets are subject to flight schedule changes, reroute and refund.
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