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Garuda Indonesia has officially joined SkyTeam global alliance in 2014. Through this collaboration, we will have complementary networks, where we gain benefits from the Skyteam network in Europe, America, and Africa. SkyTeam will also receive benefits from the Garuda Indonesia network in the Southeast Asian region and South West Pacific.

  1. We provide more traveling options for SkyTeam customers who purchase a transatlantic, transpacific, or intercontinental tickets to America, Asia, or Europe to also purchase three or more one-way intra-region flight segments at lower fares.
  2. Enjoy seamless service at the Airport, such as the through check-in for the entire journey (including through-check baggage tags and boarding passes issued to the final destination, priority check-in for top customers, and lounge access for SkyTeam members traveling on First Class and Business Class, and SkyTeam Elite Plus members who has connecting flight to / from international airport.)
  3. Accrue more miles when you book a ticket from SkyTeam carriers by mentioning your FFP (Frequent Flyer Program) number. You can also redeem your miles to book tickets for any SkyTeam carriers.
  1. Mileage Accrual

    All GarudaMiles members are able to accumulate mileage to travel with all SkyTeam carriers. All Frequent Flyer Program members from the Skyteam are also be able to accumulate their miles when traveling with Garuda Indonesia.

  2. Tier Miles

    Miles earned from all SkyTeam airlines will be counted as GarudaMiles tier miles as well as award miles.

  3. Miles Redemption

    GarudaMiles members can redeem award for tickets on any SkyTeam flights, and members from SkyTeam partners may redeem their award tickets on Garuda Indonesia flights.


Benefits for SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus Members
Lounge access -
Guaranteed reservations on sold-out flights -
SkyPriority recognition -
Priority at transfer desks -
Priority at immigration and security lanes -
Extra baggage allowance *10 kg/one extra piece on SkyTeam partner flights *)
*15 kg for GarudaMiles Gold on Garuda Indonesia flight
* 20 kg/one extra piece
Priority baggage handling -
Priority check-in
Priority seating
Priority boarding
Priority airport standby


We provide more convenience for your travel experience. Passengers of any SkyTeam airlines are eligible to gain access and utilize our facilities at the SkyTeam Lounge. Currently, we have 600 lounges across the world dedicated to our First Class and Business Class passengers flying with the SkyTeam airlines. We also open the access to the SkyTeam Frequent Flyer Elite Plus Card members.

SkyPriority offers seamless services at more than 1,000 airports worldwide that will make their travel easier, faster, and more convenient. Our First Class, Business Class, and SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers can enjoy priority check-in, priority baggage drop-off, priority services at airport ticketing offices & transfer desks, priority lines at the security check, priority boarding and baggage handling.

Plan your travel itinerary to visit any countries of your dream with the SkyTeam Go Round the World. SkyTeam serves over 1.150 destinations with more than 14.500 daily flights. We let you go through the world’s largest hubs to ensure time-saving connections and to enjoy the comfort of 750 executive lounges across the globe. Through Go Round the World, you can choose anywhere until 15 stops on your journey, earn miles with any SkyTeam member airline and it is designed to help you make the most of your journey. Further information clik here

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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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