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Special for you, Garuda Indonesia presents domestic flight ticket promos at 25% lower prices! Fly with a more affordable price and comfortability when sitting safely side by side with other passengers while flying.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Booking period : 20 May - 30 June 2021
  2. Travel period: Until 31 March 2021
  3. Buy tickets on garuda-indonesia.com, Fly Garuda apps, Garuda Indonesia Contact Center (0804 1 807 807 or 021 2351 9999), Garuda Indonesia sales office, and selected travel agents (online and offline).
  4. Flight class: Economy Class
  5. Valid for all domestic flights
  6. Valid for a round trip and one-way trip
  7. Valid for individual tickets
  8. Valid for all passengers, both adults and children
  9. Check-in process must be done at the airport (not available for self check-in, city check-in, phone check-in)
  10. The promo is based on seat availability
  11. You may not be able to choose your own seat
  12. Seats will be arranged when checking in at the airport on the specified row starting from the last row as follows:
    Type of Aircraft ECO LITE Seat
    B738 (C12Y150) Row 40 - 46
    B738 (C12/Y162) Row 42 - 48
    CRK (C12/Y84) Row 23 - 42
    ATR (Y70) Row 21 - 35
    A333 (C36/Y215) Row 34 - 49
    A333 (C24/Y263) Row 40 - 55
    A333 (C18/Y242) Row 39 - 52
    A332 (C36/Y186) Row 32 - 45
    A339 (C24/Y227) Row 41 - 58
    B777 (F8C38/Y268) Row 39 - 52
    B773 (C26/Y367) Row 50 - 63
    A330 (Y360) Row 55 - 70
  13. Offer can not be combined with any other offer
  14. Invalid for codeshare flights
  15. Additional fees for refund, reissued, and reschedule of airplane tickets according to the applicable regulations at Garuda Indonesia according to the respective ticket sub-classes.
  16. For the refund process, customers can contact the Garuda Indonesia sales office or send an email to e-booking@garuda-indonesia.com (specifically for purchases on the Garuda Indonesia website and the Fly Garuda application) or contact the party where the previous ticket was purchased.
  17. For easier process of rescheduling and reissued, contact the Garuda Indonesia Contact Center at 0804 1 807 807 or 021 2351 9999, as well as live chat.
  18. Provisions for rescheduling and reissued outside the promo period for tickets at special discounted prices for airplane tickets apply to upsell on the published fare.

GarudaMiles terms regarding Eco Lite:

  1. Benefits of Preferred Seat / Seat Selection for GarudaMiles Platinum & SkyTeam Elite Plus members related to Eco Lite are as follows:
    • Class B ticket holders issued before program period (not Eco Lite): can choose seat in the Physical Distancing area
    • Eco Lite / B Class ticket holders issued on program period: cannot do seat selection in the Physical Distancing area and applies to Eco Lite Terms & Conditions.
  2. GarudaMiles members with B Class Eco Lite can upgrade to Business Class by redeeming a number of miles (Upgrade by Miles) with the following mechanism:
    • B Class ticket holders issued before DOI program (not Eco Lite): upgrade with redemption amount according to upgrade redemption value > N Class
    • Eco Lite / B Class ticket holders on the DOI program: upgrade with redemption amount according to upgrade redemption value < N Class
  3. GarudaMiles members who are B Class Eco Lite holders can upgrade to Business Class with an upsell:
    • Passengers with B Class (Eco Lite) tickets will be upsell in advance to Y Class published fares
    • After upsell to Y Class, the passenger is eligible to upgrade by miles to Business Class
  4. GarudaMiles has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

For more information, you can contact Garuda Indonesia Call Center at (021) 2351 9999 / 0804 1 807 807 or email to garudamiles@garuda-indonesia.com 

Make sure you meet all the requirements before traveling. Get the latest information here.

Apply health protocols while at the airport and on flights by wearing a mask, keeping your distance, and cleaning your hands using soap or hand sanitizer.

#FlyHealthy with Garuda Indonesia

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