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Reciprocal Green Lane Between Singapore and Indonesia (wef 26th October 2020)

Last updated on October 26, 2020, 05.00 PM (Singapore time UTC +8)
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Reciprocal Green Lane Between Singapore and Indonesia (wef 26th October 2020)


Indonesian entering SIN from CGK

Residents in Singapore entering CGK from SIN

Eligibility Indonesian citizens (incl SPR/ LTP) making single-entry essential travel from Indonesia to Singapore for business  Persons of all nationalities who are legally resident in Singapore (i.e., Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, Long-Term Pass holders) who need to make single entry, short-term essential travel from Singapore to Indonesia for business and official purposes.
Maximum Stay 10days 30days
(approval takes appr 7days)
The host company can file the application for a SafeTravel Pass on behalf of the traveller either directly at
https://eservices.ica.gov.sg/STO, or through a sponsoring government agency.
Applications for entry into Singapore between 2 to 8 Nov 2020 can be made via this link: https://go.gov.sg/idnrgl.
The approved applicant will have to submit pre-trip health and travel history declarations as well as declare his/her accommodation electronically via the SG Arrival Card, within 3 days prior to the date of arrival in Singapore
Must be sponsored by either a company or a government agency in Indonesia. On behalf of the traveller, the sponsor will apply online for an Indonesian visa from the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia at https://visa-online.imigrasi.go.id/. Visa requirements include:
(a) health certificate indicating that the traveller is free of respiratory symptoms and fit to travel;
(b) consent letter to undergo mandatory self-isolation or medical treatment, if the traveller is tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Indonesia;
(c) consent letter to be monitored during quarantine or self-isolation in accordance with Indonesian laws and regulations;
(d) health or travel insurance covering medical expenses and/or a declaration letter to bear the cost of medical treatment if the traveller contracts COVID-19 in Indonesia; and
(e) proof of funds by the sponsor (at least US$10,000) to support the traveller’s living expenses in Indonesia. Visa application fees include a telex visa / visa aproval fee (IDR 200,000) and a visitor visa fee (US$50). The result of the visa application will be conveyed 2 to 3 days after payment has been made. After the visa application is approved, the visa will be sent electronically to the traveller
Documents to be presented during Check-in 1. A valid SafeTravel Pass approval letter (the date of entry into Singapore must fall within the period of entry stated in the letter);
2. A valid certificate of negative result for a COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours before departure for Singapore (the certificate must be from one of the healthcare institutions listed in Annex A and should be in English and clearly state the time and date the PCR test was taken)
3. A return air/ferry ticket or proof of other transport arrangements to depart Singapore.
Traveller must have remained in Singapore for at least 14 days prior to departure,
   1. Negative COVID-19 PCR test result, (PCR test within 72 hours before departure)
   2. A valid e-visa
   3. Valid return or outgoing air/ferry ticket.
   4. The traveller must also submit pre-trip health and travel history declarations to Indonesia’s e-HAC application as well as the negative COVID-19 PCR swab test result and controlled itinerary via the e-HAC, before departure. 
Upon Arrival  Travellers entering Singapore on the RGL will be directed to take a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival at Changi International Airport or Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore. For RGL travellers to qualify for exemption from the Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) requirement, travellers must take the COVID-19 PCR test (cost aprpox SGD300) at the assigned swabbing station within the airport.
To remain isolated in a declared selfsourced, non-residential accommodation until negative test results are released (typically within 48 hours). Transportation from the airport to the declared accommodation will have to be provided by the travellers’ host
Traveller to Indonesia will be subject to a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Indonesia. There is no requirement for a serology test in Indonesia.
After undergoing a PCR test (IDR900,000)at the JKT airport, the traveller must remain in isolation at self-sourced accommodation until the test results are released(typically within 8 hours).
If the traveller tests negative for COVID-19, the traveller may proceed with his/her controlled itinerary, with private transportation(inclusive of taxis and private-hire cars e.g. from Grab or Gojek) arranged by the sponsor.
The traveller will be notified of the test results via text message or email. The traveller will bear the costs of the post-arrival COVID-19 PCR test in Indonesia.
During stay Travellers to Singapore must use the TraceTogether app and SafeEntry https://www.safeentry.gov.sg/ take their temperature twice daily, report their health status to the host company or government agency, and adhere to prevailing public health requirements for the duration of their stay in Singapore These public health measures include, but are not limited to:
    (a) not using public transportation;
    (b) safe management measures at workplaces;
    (c) wearing masks outside residences;
    (d) observing 1metre physical distancing;
    (e) implementing a clean and healthy lifestyle; and
    (f) holding meetings with fewer than 10 people.
The traveller must also subscribe to eHAC and PeduliLindungi mobile applications for the entire duration of their stay in Indonesia
Returning Indonesia requires RGL travellers who return to Indonesia from Singapore to undergo a PCR test (cost approx SGD 200) 72 hours before departure.
1.Travellers should make an appointment that fits your required testing window, and be present at the clinic early for the appointment, at least 48 hours prior to the flight.
2. Documents to be presented at the clinic for testing:
    a) Passport
    b) PDF copy of SafeTravel Pass
    c) Softcopy of departure flight
RGL returnees who have a valid certificate of negative PCR test result in Singapore will not be required to undergo a PCR test upon arrival in Indonesia. The returnees are still required to self-quarantine for 14 days before they can return to activities.
Singapore-based travellers returning from their travel on the Singapore-Indonesia RGL will be subjected to the prevailing Stay Home Notice (SHN) policy applicable to incoming travellers to Singapore from Indonesia, which includes 14-day SHN at dedicated SHN facilities and a COVID-19 PCR swab test before the end of the SHN
Singapore-based travellers returning to Singapore from their travel on the Singapore-Indonesia RGL are also exempted from the requirement for travellers in Indonesia to undergo pre-departure testing before they depart for Singapore.
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