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Cengkareng – PT GMF AeroAsia is committed to increasing capacity of aircraft maintenance through New Hangar Development for Narrow Body aircraft maintenance in order to expand their business. This New Hangar called Hangar 4 and located at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Cengkareng.

The design concept of Hangar 4 which is called The Butterfly composed by two wings, office area and workshop in middle of the Hangar. “This concept comes from our willingness to have a Hangar with international standard and creative design. In operational view, Hangar 4 GMF AeroAsia is highly effective because aircraft movement will be more flexible,” said Richard Budihadianto, President & CEO GMF.

The unique design of Hangar 4 than three others GMF’s Hangar followed by the implementation of eco friendly concept. This ecofriendly building concept is GMF’s responsibility to the Planet Earth. This concept contained in special construction beyond Hangar parts, such as Skylight on the roof and Panasap Glass on side part of Hangar for sunlight optimization, second floor’s (office) curtain wall with laminated glass to maximize light circulations for modern and transparent looks, aluminum ceilings to minimize air turbulence, a dull shape in every roof corner for air drain to reduce impact on the façade. GMF’s Hangar 4 uses Metal Halide lamps to create white light and low electricity consumption.“We hope in the future, GMF’s Hangar 4 will receive Green Building Certification from Indonesian Green Building Council and also International Certification,” said Richard.

The whole GMF’s Hangar 4 development was done by Indonesian people and this Hangar is currently the biggest Narrow Body Hangar in the world which previously held by Turkish Technic in Turkey.  Hangar 4 is built on 66.940 m2 area with 64000m2 for production area and 17.600 m2 for office. Hangar 4 has capability to maintain 16 narrow body aircraft in one time and one bay dedicated for aircraft painting. GMF’s Hangar 4 can accommodate 16 narrow body aircrafts in parallel, with heavy and light maintenance, winglet modification, structure repairment, interior modifications, painting and others maintenance.

Capacity enhancement of GMF’s Hangar 4 was pushed by GMF support to Garuda’s Program, Quantum Leap, which eventually will operate narrow body aircraft, regional jet and turboprop aircraft as many as 241 aircrafts (Garuda+Citilink) and run for narrow body aircraft maintenance in domestic and Asia Pacific market and also to be market leader for biggest aircraft maintenance business in the next five years.

GMF’s Hangar 4 utilization would be done in phase and expected to reach its full capacity (16 slots operationalized) in 2018. By 2016, GMF predicted will do 209 maintenance projects and increase the next year to 250 maintenance projects, and 313 maintenance projects in 2018.  With the addition of the treatment capacity of the aircraft is then projected amount of man power involved in aircraft Treatment Works in 2016 amounted to 121 persons , in 2017 as many as 79 persons and in 2018 as many as 238 persons. In other words, GMF will create new job opportunities as many as 438 persons within three years.

GMF’s Hangar 4 utilization would be done in phase and will reach its full capacity in 2018. Nowadays, amount of narrow body aircraft maintenance that GMF’s do is 167 projects. This enhancement, estimated will increase from 167 to 313 projects, which means will increase as 87% by 2018. The increase in projected revenues from the GMF’s Hangar 4 is set at 86 USD or 150% of current income. “Currently, the income of the capacity of the existing narrow body hangar is equal USD 57M, so with this new hangar in 2018 GMF revenue projected to rise to USD 143M," Richard said.


For  More Information :
Aryo Wijoseno
Corporate Secretary
PT GMF AeroAsia
Mobile : 0818873579
Email: aryo@gmf-aeroasia.co.id

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