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Seoul, South Korea
37.4602° N, 126.4407° E
Seoul Incheon International Airport
GMT +9:00
Korean Won
humid continental/subtropical
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Cheonggyecheon Stream

Before Seoul Government conducted a major refurbishment to the stream in 2003, Cheonggyecheon was only a stream tucked below an elevated road. In 2005, this small river that is just 8.4 kilometres long is open for public and became an oasis in the concrete jungle that is Seoul. Crossed through by more than 20 bridges, the sides of the river are walkways embellished with unique themes. The location of the stream itself is close to Deoksugung Palace, Seoul Plaza, The Sejong Center, Insadong street, and other tourist attractions. That makes it a convenient and place to rendezvous or chill out between destinations.

  1. Find Several Interesting Photo Spots
    Photos can be the best souvenirs to take home after traveling to another country. In Seoul, you can lots of photo spots to choose from. In Cheonggyecheon alone, you can find a Unicorn Horn at the entrance to the stream area. You can also find The Wall of Culture that tells Cheonggyecheon’s story from time to time, and the Wall of Hope, a 50-metre long wall full of ceramic shards with messages to humanity. Both of the walls could make for interesting backgrounds for your photos. In the evenings, you may want to capture the beauty of the Cheonggyecheon stream through the Candle Fountain, which shows a blend of colors standing 4 metres tall from the fountain.

  3. Cheonggyecheon Museum
    Established in 2005, this museum is definitely one that is worth visiting in Cheonggyecheon. The building alone is presented in a unique way, with long glass windows as the representation of the stream of Cheonggyecheon. In the permanent exhibition hall, you can see the transition of Seoul and the Cheonggyecheon stream from time to time through visual artworks. In this presentation, viewers are informed of how urban planning can enhance a city’s level of convenience. Meanwhile, in the special exhibition hall, you can find stories about the stream as well as the uniqueness of Seoul’s culture. Children can enjoy the visit through watching cultural performances and other available educational activities.
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