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Seoul, South Korea
37.4602° N, 126.4407° E
Seoul Incheon International Airport
GMT +9:00
Korean Won
humid continental/subtropical
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Mugyodong Bugeokukjib

The place to be for an authentic local delicacy experience. Since 1968, Mugyodong Bugeokukjib has been the place-to-go to try local delicacies such as bugeo-guk or Pollock fish soup, which constitutes of a pollock fish soup with tofu, kimchi and ginseng. Aside from that, diners will also be able to taste their chive kimchi, cabbage kimchi and nabak kimchi, cucumber pickles and so many others. In an effort to be as traditional as possible, the delicacies are prepared right on the table, and are served on stainless steel dishes.

Gogung - Myeongdong Branch

Bibimbap, one of Korea’s best traditional dishes, which is a rice bowl that is topped with an array of vegetables, egg and gochujang sauce, along with slices of beef, caviar, tofu, octopus and seaweed; is a dish that you will be able to find at every street corner in Seoul. What makes Gogung special amongst other places that serves Bibimbap though, is its strategic location as it is situated right at the heart of Myeong-dong and serves it with the authentic Jeonju flavor that is well-known as the home of Bibimbap. Aside from the popular Bibimbap, diners will also be able to taste their side dishes such as kimchi, water kimchi and the intriguing raw octopus.


A cafe that may look like a traditional home from out front, Gahwadang is a quaint tea house with an authentic traditional Korean concept. Aside from the fact that it is located in the quiet area of Samcheongdong, this tea house also offers a pleasantly charming decor that will make patrons want to stay there as long as they can while enjoying their original Omija Tea or Kyeong San Jujube, alongside a few different traditional desserts such as rice cake and honey cake. Other interesting fact about Gahwadang, on every table is prepared a piece of paper and coloring pencils that you will be able to use to create a drawing that later will be able to be displayed in the cafe.

Charlie Brown Cafe

True to its namesake, visiting the Charlie Brown Cafe, guests will be able to feast their interest in the theme of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the other friendly characters. Other than that, guests will also be able to enjoy different kinds of coffee, herbal teas, cakes, sandwiches, as well as picking up different types of souvenirs. From Snoopy dolls, mugs, tumblers, pillows, notebook, and slippers. In Korea, Charlie Brown Cafe will be able to be spotted in several locations, such as in Busan, Seoul and Incheon International Airport.

Miss Lee Cafe

An old school cafe with a modern touch in the Myeongdong area, Miss Lee Cafe serves simple yet classic snacks such as Dosirak, Tteokbokki and Bingsoo. In front of the cafe, you will be able to find the Miss Lee statue sitting on a long bench next to a red mailbox. The interior of the cafe is dominated with white, so that when guests come into the cafe, all eyes will be directed towards the interesting tree in the middle to room, where guests have written down their hopes and dreams on a piece of paper, and then hung it up on the branches of the tree. With only 80 people at full capacity, it is definitely necessary to book your table in advance before visiting Miss Lee Cafe.

Assouline Lounge

An all-in-one space that not only serves food, but also aesthetically pleasing interior as well as art exhibition, Assouline Lounge is an exclusive restaurant in the Sinsa-dong area, in which patrons will be able to enjoy glasses of wine, as well as enjoy a French style fine dining menu. By coming to this restaurant, guests will be able to experience a European-style dining experience without actually having to fly all the way to Europe. This cafe-slash-book store-and-art gallery was first initiated by Prosper Assouline and his wife that was involved with the Assauline Magazine since 1994.

Gwangjang Market


At the famed Gwangjang Market, not only will visitors will be able to feast their shopping needs, they will also be able to explore local culinary cuisines with affordable prices. The kinds of street snacks that are available in this market varies from kimchis, tteokbokki and even the quintessentially Korean raw live octopus. It is no wonder that this market is visited by thousands of visitors each day. Even though this market is not nearly as popular as Dongdaemun and Namdaemun Markets, one of the most popular snacks that tourists must try is available here - which is the bindaetteok, a Korean-style pancake with mung beans, kimchi and spring onions.

Tosokchon Samgyetang


One of the must-try dishes when traveling to Korea is the Samgyetang, or a chicken soup with ginseng. One of the best places to find the dish in Seoul, is near the Gyeongbokgung Station, at the Tosokchon Samgyetang. Here you will be able to enjoy Samgyetang as well as side dishes such as kimchi and kkakdugi - two kinds of chicken soup are also available here, which are regular chicken or black chicken. Don’t forget to add seafood pancakes and ginseng wine that are complementary to the dish.
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