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Adjustment of GarudaMiles Accrual and Qualification Tables

GarudaMiles always strive to give the best service for you, Garuda Indonesia’s loyal customer.
We made several adjustments for earning miles and GarudaMiles membership qualification scheme to ensure you get the main privilege of being GarudaMiles member.

This adjustments effective on December 15th, 2020.

I.    Adjustments in Miles Accrual Table

      This scheme is valid for date of issued and date of travelling starts from December 15th 2020.

Compartment Class Previous Effective for Booking and Traveling Period on December 15th 2020
    Frequency Tier Miles Award Miles Tier  & Award Miles
First Class F, A, P 6 300% 205% 400%
Business Class J 4 200% 155% 300%
  C 4 200% 155% 250%
  D 4 200% 155% 225%
  I 4 200% 155% 200%
Economy Class Y 3 150% 105% 100%
  W 4 180% 135% 80%
  B, M, K, N 2 100% 80% 80%
  Q, T, V, H, S 1 75% 30% 30%
  G 1 75% 15% 30%
  L 1 25% 10% 10%
  E, U, Z 1 10% 2% 2%

      These several adjustments are applied with details as follows :

  1. GarudaMiles members who have booked their tickets (DOI) before 15 December 2020 will still earn mileage and frequency according to the previous Mileage Accrual Table.
  2. According to the new Mileage Accrual Table, frequencies are no longer given for flights with Garuda Indonesia
  3. There is no difference in the calculation of Tier Miles and Award Miles
  4. Mileage for retroclaim will be awarded based on the date of issued (DOI) and date of travel (DOT) made.
  5. There are no changes to GarudaMiles Gold and Platinum Bonus Tier
  6. The earning miles for Jakarta-Doha and vice versa on flight numbers GA900 and GA901 are only valid for GarudaMiles members whose ticket numbers start with 126. Apart from ticket number 126, GarudaMiles members are not eligible to earn miles


II.   Adjustments in GarudaMiles Qualifications Table

      Effective December 15th , 2020, the calculation to increase GarudaMiles membership tier as follows:

Tier Qualifications to Upgrade GarudaMiles Membership Tier before December 15th 2020 New Qualification effective December 15th  2020
Tier Miles Frequency Tier Miles
Platinum 50,000 50 30,000
Gold 30,000 30 20,000
Silver 30,000 10 10,000
Blue Upon Enrollment Upon Enrollment Upon Enrollment

      The calculations for maintaining GarudaMiles membership tier are as follows:

Tier Qualifications to Maintain GarudaMiles Membership Tier before December 15th 2020 New Qualification effective December 15th  2020
Tier Miles Frequency Tier Miles
Platinum 40,000 45 25,000
Gold 25,000 25 15,000
Silver 10,000 10 10,000
Blue - - 1 activity in 3 years

      Herewith several adjustments with details as follows :

  1. The period for collecting Tier Miles is still the same as the current policy, which is 12 months or refer to other policy issued by GarudaMiles. After the qualification period ends, the Miles Tier accumulation will be reset.
  2. Especially for GarudaMiles Gold and Platinum members, during the transition period from 15 December 2020 to 30 June 2021, GarudaMiles still in frequency of member flights to upgrade to Platinum or maintain the Platinum membership level. Following are the qualification details to get and to maintain GarudaMiles Platinum membership for the period 15 December 2020 to 30 June 2021:
    • Upgrade: minimum 30,000 tier miles or 50 tier frequencies
    • Maintain: minimum 25,000 tier miles or 45 tier frequencies

  3. Frequency is no longer counted as a qualification requirement for GarudaMiles
  4. New qualification policy will be applied for maintenance and downgrade process for GarudaMiles Silver member with membership validity period which expires after December 15th 2020 and for GarudaMiles Gold and Platinum members which has passed the transition period, after June 30th 2020.

For more information, please contact  Garuda Indonesia Call Center at (+6221) 2351 9999/0804 1 807 807 or WhatsApp at +62 813 9845 4480 (message only) or send email to garudamiles@garuda-indonesia.com

Keep following the health protocol when you are traveling. Always wearing masks at the airport and during the flight, keep a minimum of one meter of physical distancing with others, also clean your hands by using soap or hand sanitizer.

We Understand You

More information about travel requirements and flight policies during the new normal click here.

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