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Explore world's most exciting destinations, and keep on collecting your miles on All Nippon Airways (ANA) flights.

Below is the mileage accrual percentage for flights with our partner - All Nippon Airways:

Flight Class Booking Class Mileage Accrual*
First Class F, A 150%
Business Class J 150%
C, D, Z 125%
P 70%
Economy Class Y, E, B, M 100%
U, H, Q 70%
Non-eligible Class V, W, S, T 50%
L, K, G 30%
O, I, X, R, N No Accrual

Accrual percentage above only eligible in codeshare flights routes between Garuda Indonesia and All Nippon Airways.

Below is the list of codeshare flights between Garuda Indonesia and All Nippon Airways:

Operating Flight Marketing Flight Number Sector
NH 835 GA 9331 Narita Jakarta
NH 836 GA 9330 Jakarta  Narita
NH 855 GA 9353 Haneda Jakarta
NH 871 GA 9351 Haneda Jakarta
NH 872 GA 9350 Jakarta  Haneda
NH 856 GA 9352 Jakarta  Haneda
NH 016 GA 9969 Itami Haneda
NH 021 GA 9968 Haneda Itami
NH 050 GA 9347 Chitose Haneda
NH 061 GA 9346 Haneda Chitose
NH 085 GA 9342 Haneda Nagoya
NH 086 GA 9343 Nagoya Haneda
NH 096 GA 9971 Kansai Haneda
NH 991 GA 9970 Haneda Kansai
NH 242 GA 9337 Fukuoka Haneda
NH 251 GA 9336 Haneda Fukuoka
NH 312 GA 9977 Toyama Haneda
NH 319 GA 9976 Haneda Toyama
NH 471 GA 9974 Haneda Naha
NH 493 GA 9332 Narita Nagoya
NH 532 GA 9355 Takamatsu Haneda
NH 535 GA 9354 Haneda Takamatsu
NH 672 GA 9973 Hiroshima Haneda
NH 679 GA 9972 Haneda Hiroshima
NH 752 GA 9357 Komatsu Haneda
NH 755 GA 9356 Haneda Komatsu
NH 2155  GA 9416 Narita Chitose
NH 2177 GA 9358 Narita Itami

Don't forget to always mention your GarudaMiles number upon ticket reservation and airport check-in.

For You GarudaMiles Gold, EC+ and Platinum member, enjoy several privileges in codeshare with ANA Operating Flights below:


Priority Check-in

Priority Baggage Handling

Additional Baggage Allowance

Priority Boarding

Lounge Access

GarudaMiles Platinum



20kg/1 PC


Yes, NH Business Class Lounge + 1 Guest

GarudaMiles Gold and EC+



10kg/1 PC


Yes, NH Business Class Lounge


No guest

For more information please contact Garuda Indonesia Call Center at 0804 1807 807 or (021) 2351 9999, available 24 hours every day.

* Percentage of mileage accrual is of the TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage). Routes and TPM can be viewed at All Nippon Airways website (www.ana.co.jp). Accrued mileage and flight frequency will not be accounted as tier miles and tier frequency.

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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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