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GFF Members can now earn more mileage by flying with Etihad Airways or any Garuda Indonesia - Etihad Airways codeshare flights to 87 cities in 55 countries around the world.

Always mention your GarudaMiles membership number when making reservation for Etihad Airways flights and during airport check-in. The 2 guides below are the current and the new mileage accrual rate. The new accrual rate will take effect starting on from 8 July 2015.

New Tabel Accrual Effective Desember 16th, 2020

Cabin RBD Service Class Multiplier as % of actual miles
Residence P 300%
First F 250%
A 250%
Business J 175%
C 175%
Business D 175%
W 130%
Z 130%
Economy Y 100%
B 100%
H 75%
K 75%
M 75%
Q 75%
L 50%
G 50%
V 50%
U 50%
E 25%
T 25%

New Accrual Rate Before Desember 16th, 2020

Terms & Conditions:

  • GarudaMiles Mileage earned through Etihad Airways flights are classified as Award Miles
  • Number of flights with Etihad Airways will not be counted towards the GarudaMiles tier flight frequency
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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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