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Enjoy Garuda Indonesia Charter services that accommodate all your needs with a extensive network of up to 89 domestic routes and 32 international routes to around the world. Garuda Indonesia Charter will serve passengers in group flights, cargo flights, and private flights to your desired fleet and destination..

  • Various types of aircraft that can be adjusted to the number of passengers and the destination airport
  • Excellent fleet with an average aircraft age of 7.8 years
  • Sales representatives who will provide convenience from the initial stage of bidding to post-flight
  • As a National Flag Carrier, Garuda Indonesia has an extensive network of routes around the world
  • Seamless flight connectivity from domestic to international and vice versa
  • Garuda Indonesia is dependably safe and precisely on time, evidently awarded as the most punctual airline in the world (OAG Flightview version, January 2020)

Garuda Indonesia Charter is the best choice to accommodate your travel or shipping needs. You can set flight schedules and aircraft at your convenience. We are ready to take you or deliver your cargo goods safely and on time.

Here are the charter services we offer:

  1. Passenger Charter
    Charter service for group passengers. It usually managed by large travel agents to sell tour packages.
    Currently, passenger charters are massively used by agencies for evacuation purposes, etc.
  2.  Cargo Charter
    Charter service for shipping goods to destinations with major cargo shipping requests. For cargo purposes, cabin compartments can be used to load cargo (not only cargo compartments).
    Garuda Indonesia Cargo Charter Services also deliver Dangerous Goods, Perishable Food, Live Animals, Pharmacy Goods, Valuable Goods, Human Remain, General Cargo, Freighter, and Marine Cargo Insurance. For more information about the types of cargo that we provided, please visit Garuda Indonesia Cargo Website.
  3. Private Charter
    A special charter service that is provided for individuals, companies, or agencies to make the most exclusive flight experience.

Garuda Indonesia's fleet always renews aging assets to modern standards in the aviation industry. In addition to that, the revitalization of our fleet can improve the quality of Garuda Indonesia's services.

We are committed to giving the best flying experience, therefore the various types of most advanced aircraft, namely Boeing B737-800NG for short and regional routes, Airbus A330-200 / 300 / 900neo for medium haul, and Boeing B777-300ER for long haul. For more information about aircraft types and configurations used by Garuda Indonesia Charter, click here.

To maintain the trust and security of your cargo, we have a comprehensive procedure related to the conversion of passenger aircraft into cargo carriers. This is to ensure that it does not endanger cargo shipping or aircraft use afterward.

The following are operational standards for Garuda Indonesia Cargo Charter procedures:

  1. For the protection of cargo and aircraft as a whole, each seat is wrapped using bubble wrap
  2. Goods are placed in the upper compartment and on the seat. Cargo net is used to protect goods that are placed on the seat, to keep the cargo in position in case of turbulence
  3. Each bubble wrap that protects the aircraft seat is immediately replaced if there is a damage
  4. In-charge ground staffs are required to use the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and have undergone an inspection procedure
  5. The cabin is disinfected routinely afterward

Individual Charter

  1. Identity Card
  2. Taxpayer Identification Number


  1. Deed of Company
  2. Business License
  3. Transportation Management Services Business License
  4. Company Registration Certificate
  5. Taxpayer Identification Number
  6. Company Profile

For reservations or further information, you can send an email to charter@garuda-indonesia.com or call to 0811 8196144 and we will assist you in serving your needs.

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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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