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Ambon, Indonesia
Pattimura International Airport
GMT +7:00
Indonesia Rupiah
Local Weather


Ambon is a city in eastern Indonesia, that is widely known as the center of tourism that offers various types of natural, cultural, marine and culinary attractions. Ambon is also famous as the historic city and houses diverse historical legacies.

Ambon City is the capital of Maluku. As a part of the archipelago, Ambon City connected by sea route with the other islands in Maluku. If you were to visit Ambon, do not forget to enjoy the beauty in all beaches, like Natsepa, Pantai Liang, Pintu Kota, Pantai Hukurila and Batu Lubang beach. You also can witness Morea, the giant eel in the Village of Waai and visit the diverse historical legacies such as Amsterdam Fortress, Victoria Fortress and also Durstede Fort in Saparua.

Complete your trip by tasting all unique culinaries in Ambon, like Papeda, fish served with the savory yellow sauce, Asar Fish (smoked fish), Kohu-Kohu, Colo-Colo, and Natsepa Beach Rujak (traditional fruit salad).

Straight from Ambon, you can continue your journey to other destinations in Maluku, such as Ora beach that is already popular for its mesmerizing beauty or Osi Island, 3 Island, Sawai, Paperu, and also visiting the other historical legacies of the hero from Maluku, Thomas Matulessy in the Village of Saparua.



  • Jl. Ahmad Yani No.19 Ambon, Kel. Ahusen, (+62-911) 355517
  • Whatsapp Service : +62 822-4886-2020


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