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A subsidiary is an independent legal entity established by the company to support its activities. Subsidiary is managed independently but remains under the parent company’s control. Garuda Indonesia’s subsidiaries include PT Aerowisata, PT Sabre Travel Network Indonesia, PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia (GMFAA), PT Aero Systems Indonesia (ASYST), PT Citilink Indonesia, PT Gapura Angkasa, and Garuda Indonesia Holiday France.


PT Aero Wisata

PT Aero Wisata is one of subsidiaries of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk which was established in Jakarta on June 30, 1973. Engages in in the provision of quality goods and/or services and strong competitiveness in the tourism business and air transport support services with the goal of becoming a leading provider in the hospitality industry and national tourism.

Aerowisata has the following business lines:

  • Food Services is Aerowisata’s business line that serves the needs of domestic and international lights (In-Flight Catering Services) as well as the needs of industrial catering with a wide selection of the highest quality dish servings.
  • Hotels & Resorts Services is Aerowisata’s business line that offers international-standard accommodation services through the facilities of the best hotels and resorts in primary locations in Indonesia.
  • Travel & Leisure Services is Aerowisata’s business line that provides travel services for every customer.
  • Transportation Services is Aerowisata’s business line that provides the best solution in the field of transport.


PT Sabre Travel Network Indonesia

History PT Sabre Travel Network Indonesia (formerly known as Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia) stems from the approval of the Minister of Telecommunications and the Ministry of Finance on a cooperation scheme of joint venture between Garuda Indonesia and Abacus International. On the approval, Garuda Indonesia later formed a Mega CRS team. PT Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia or also known as Abacus Indonesia later officially established on March 1, 1995. In December 2015, Sabre as the world’s leading technology provider for travel and global tourism industry acquired Abacus, thereby changing the name of Abacus Indonesia to Sabre Travel Network Indonesia or Sabre Indonesia.

Business activities of Sabre Indonesia include computerized reservation system, rental of computer equipment used by travel agents, provides training facilities for the employees of travel agencies as well as providing technical assistance in the computerized reservation systems (CRS) for travel agents. Currently, the share ownership of Sabre Indonesia is divided to PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk amounted to 95% and Sabre Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (Sabre APAC) by 5%. PT Sabre Travel Network Indonesia is located in Jakarta and operates three branches in Medan, Surabaya, and Denpasar.


PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia (GMFAA)

PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia (GMF) was established by deed No. 93 dated April 26, 2002 as published in the Supplement to State Gazette of Republic of Indonesia No. 78 dated September 27, 2002.

The establishment of GMF is intended to implement and support the government policies and programs in national economy and development in general, especially in the field of aircraft maintenance services, component maintenance and calibration, maintenance for aircraft and industrial engines, manufacture and supporting facilities maintenance, engineering services, material services, logistics, warehousing and consignment, as well as consulting services, training and provision of experts in aircraft maintenance, component and engine.

Currently, the share ownership of GMF is owned by PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk amounting 99% and PT Aero Wisata which is also the subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia with 1% ownership.


PT Aero Systems Indonesia (ASYST)

PT Aero Systems Indonesia (ASYST), formerly known as PT Lufthansa Systems Indonesia, was established in Jakarta on June 9, 2005. The ASYST activities including consulting services and information technology systems as well as aviation maintenance services and other industries. Currently, the share ownership of ASYST is owned by PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk by 51% and PT Aero Wisata by 49%.


PT Citilink Indonesia

PT Citilink Indonesia (abbreviated as “Citilink”) was established on January 6, 2009 based on Notarial Deed of Arikanti Nata Kusuma No.01 dated January 6, 2009 and approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights No.AHU_14555. AH.01.01 year 2009 dated April 22, 2009. Based on the aviation business license of SIUAU/ NB-027 dated January 27, 2012 and AOC light certificates 121-046 dated June 22, 2012, Citilink began operating independently on July 30, 2012 with the IATA light code "QG", ICAO designation "CTV", and the call sign "Supergreen".

Citilink is a low-cost carrier with a vision of becoming a leading low-cost air transport company in the region and the mission of providing scheduled commercial air transport, low cost and prioritizing safety, as well as profitable.

The latest capital structure of Citilink is stated in Deed No. 34 dated May 2015 regarding the additional capital in the form of aircraft and has been approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights No.AHU-AH.01.03-0934668 dated May 26, 2015. The issued and paid-up capital amounted to 1,081,710 million shares. Citilink shares owned by PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk as much as 1,137,893 shares (97.80%) and is also owned by PT Aero Wisata as much as 24,750 shares (2.20%). The total paid-up capital amounted to Rp1,137,893,000.


PT Gapura Angkasa

PT Gapura Angkasa is a ground handling service provider which was established on January 26, 1998 on a cooperation agreement between three SOEs, namely PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero), and PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero). Garuda Indonesia owns 58.75% of Gapura Angkasa shares. Currently, Gapura Angkasa operates in 57 Airports in Indonesia which consists of 31 branch offices (including branch office warehousing at Soekarno-Hatta) and 26 representative offices.


Garuda Indonesia Holiday France

Garuda Indonesia Holiday France (GIHF) was officially established and registered on December 23, 2013 as a simplified limited liability company (Société par Actions Simplifiée/S.A.S.) which has the role of a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Currently, GIHF is fully owned by PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk as a sole shareholder with the capital amounted to of €1,000,000, corresponding to 1,000,000 shares with a par value of €1.

GIHF is officially registered and commences operation in France on January 26, 2014 with number 799 887 765 RCS Paris. As a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia, GIHF business activities include travel agent (tour & travel), airline ticket sales, and aircraft leasing. GIHF mission is to provide a wide selection of the best holidays of various travel service providers selected for tourists and corporations domiciled in Paris, France.

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