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  • Earth Hour

    Since first participated in “Earth Hour” program in 2009, the Company and its subsidiaries (GA Group) have managed to improve its energy saving in both the workplace and its employees’ residences every year. In 2016, for the eighth times, the Company and all of its subsidiaries took part again in the campaign to maintain a healthy environment by switching off “Earth Hour 2016” on Saturday, March 19, 2016 in Hangar 4 GMF, Cengkareng.

    The achievement of the Garuda Indonesia Group in the "Earth Hour" from 2012 to 2016 is as follows:


  • Sharks Conservation Campaign #SOSharks

    Garuda Indonesia has been collaborating with WWF Indonesia in the #SOSharks (Save Our Sharks) campaign which is a campaign held with the intention to stop shark fin sales in supermarkets, online shops, and restaurants as well as to ban shark fin’s culinary promotion in the media. The campaign is started since 2013 and until now Garuda Indonesia still prohibit the delivery of shark’s fin.

  • Biopore

    The Company has created biopore infiltration holes since 2012. According to research, these biopore holes serves to mitigate flood, improve groundwater reserves, and accelerate the absorption of rainwater. Naturally, the biopores are holes inside the soil formed as a result of organism activities inside such as worms, rooting plant, ants, termites, and other soil organisms. These formed holes will be filled with air and channel the water inside the soil. If these holes are produced in massive number, it would enhance the ability of a piece of stem to absorb water and in return, reduce the water flow on the surface soil. It will prevent the possibility of flood. However in the city area, trees have became sparse, replaced by the buildings, and thus biopores are becoming more and more short in supply. As such, the man-made biopores are required to substitute for the existence and function of those natural bipores. Biopore holes could be filled with organic waste derived from leaves, cut grass from the backyard,or kitchen trash which serves as compost. By producing biopores around the office area, it is expected to encourage the Company’s employees to create biopore holes in their homes as a simple step to help preserving the environment. By 2016, the Company has generated 1,989 biopore spots in the Area of Garuda City Cengkareng Garuda Indonesia Training Centre (GITC) Duri Kosambi, Garuda Sentra Medika Kemayoran, and several other properties in Jakarta.

  • Carpooling

    Carpooling is a program of shuttle bus services facilitated by Garuda Indonesia for its employees in order to encourage energy and costs efficiency, and encourage employees to do more green-life style to help reduce the level of exhaust emissions generated from private vehicles. Until now, Garuda Indonesia has provided 13 shuttle buses each loaded with 50 seats. Each bus is dedicated to different routes, ranging from Bintaro, Blok M, Pasar Minggu, Manggarai, Bekasi, Tanjung Priok, Rawamangun, Depok, and Bogor.

  • E-Learning

    In the last decade, E-learning has become a concern in the world of business and industry because it offers a number of benefits and advantages. The benefits and advantages of using e-learning among others as follows:

    • Flexibility so that users could learn anytime, anywhere, and with the different type of learning
    • Saving time of learning process
    • Reducing the travelling cost to the training venue as well as reducing the carbon footprint
    • Saving the cost of education as a whole (infrastructure, equipment, books)
    • Reaching a wider geographic area
    • Train the students to be more independent (self-learning)

    The employee could access e-Learning through the website of http://training.garuda-indonesia.com. Currently, several General Training Program that could be used by the employee of Garuda Indonesia through e- learning among others, as follows:

    • SINCERITY (Budaya Perusahaan)
    • Safety Management Program
    • Security management Program
    • Drug and Alcohol Management Program
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • GA Product Knowledge
    • Product Knowledge

  • Greening in the Office Area

    Planting trees in the area of Garuda City Centre is always improved by means of cuttings from existing trees, or by planting specific trees in the office area of Garuda City Centre. Until now, Garuda Indonesia has already planted 1,776 trees in the area of Garuda City.

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