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Checked Baggage

  • If you do not receive your baggage or if you find your baggage is damaged at arrival, please immediately report to our Baggage Service office before leaving the airport.
  • For international flight, in case of damaged baggage, you may report to us after leaving the airport in not more than 7 days after the arrival date or 7 days after you have received your baggage.
  • The report will be followed up if completed with baggage tag number, identity card and boarding pass.
  • As a record of report, Baggage Service staff will issue Property Irregularity Report (PIR) form for your reference and report evidence.
  • Tracing process of missing baggage will be conducted until 14 days. If the baggage is found, Garuda Indonesia will deliver it to your enlisted address on PIR form.
  • If the baggage could not be found within 14 days, your baggage will be declared as lost hence claim can be proceeded.
  • The time limit to submit the claim of compensation for missing or damage baggage is 2 years from the date of PIR issuance.  
  • The report which is received after the passenger have left the arrival hall (except for international flight) or not completed with mandatory documents as stated in point no. 3, will be treated as courtesy report and Garuda Indonesia will release a courtesy report form.
  • Courtesy Report is a report of lost or damage baggage which will be followed up without any responsibility to provide any compensation.
  • In term of courtesy report for lost baggage, Garuda Indonesia will help in the baggage tracing process. In term of courtesy report of damaged baggage, the report will be treated as valuable reference for Garuda Indonesia to improve baggage irregularity prevention and baggage service quality.
  • If you do not receive your checked baggage at the arrival (at the same flight date and flight number), you are entitled to get First Need Compensation (FNC) as follows :
    • For domestic flight, FNC shall be given IDR 200.000 per passenger/day, maximum payment for 3 days.
    • For international flight, FNC shall be given lump sum (one-time payment) in amount as follow:
      • USD 75 for economy class
      • USD 100 for business class
      • USD 200 for first class
  • In accordance to applicable regulations (Regulation of Ministry of Transportation No 77 Year 2011, Warsaw Convention Year 1929, and Montreal Convention 1999), lost baggage compensation refers to the weight of the lost, either of the baggage or of the content. They are here as follow:
    • For Domestic Flight:
      • Economy class, Business Class, First Class: IDR 200.000/ Kg
    • For International Flight:
      • Economy class, Business Class, First Class: USD24/ Kg
  • In case of damage of checked baggage, the form of responsibility are here as follow:
    • Minor Damage (the baggage is still proper as its function to keep and carry the content of the baggage).
      Example: small torn or hole on baggage, broken one wheel, broken handle, bent handle, loose wrapping rope, damage on main zipper but still can be closed, damage on side zipper, damage on lock, damage on accessories attached on the baggage.
      For this category, Garuda Indonesia will repair the baggage
    • Major Damage (the baggage is malfunction, unable to keep and carry the content of the baggage, but still can be repaired),
      Example: big torn or hole on part which can be repaired, damage on main zipper which cannot be closed, broken all wheels/ foot or 75% wheel/ foot are broken/ damaged.
      For this category, Garuda Indonesia will repair or replace the baggage
    • Total Damage (the baggage is malfunction, unable to keep and carry the content of the baggage, and cannot be repaired),
      Example: Crushed Baggage
      For this category, Garuda Indonesia will replace the baggage
  • Garuda Indonesia is not liable for any loss suffered by passenger in the event of lost or damage of valuable items which are kept inside checked baggage. Passenger, on his/ her own responsibility must exclude/ remove/ ensure that the valuable items are always under his/ her own control and supervision (carry them into cabin baggage).


Cabin Baggage

  • If you lost or left you cabin baggage inside the aircraft, directly report it to baggage service office at the destination airport. Garuda Indonesia will check the record of found property on the mentioned flight.  
  • Garuda Indonesia is not responsible for the loss of cabin property, unless it can be proved that the lost was due to negligence of staff or party employed by Garuda Indonesia and the proof is acknowledged by Garuda Indonesia or based on court decision which has a permanent legal force (inkracht).
  • Garuda Indonesia will conduct investigation or ownership verification toward found cabin property based on clues attached on the property. If there is an information of contact and ownership, Garuda Indonesia will contact the owner to pick up the property at the airport (where Garuda Indonesia operates). 


Handling of unclaimed baggage and unclaimed property

  • For unidentified baggage or property, Garuda Indonesia will conduct necessary investigation based on reservation data or clues attached on the property.
  • If there are no certainty of ownership, Garuda Indonesia will store the property up to 3 months after the flight date or after the date of the property found.
  • If there is claim of the property during storage period, Garuda Indonesia will conduct mandatory verification process before handing over the property.
  • If the property ownership cannot be ensured within 3 months after investigation and verification process, Garuda Indonesia will annihilate the unclaimed baggage or property referring to the rules of Luchtvervoer-ordonatie/ Ordonasi Penerbangan Udara (OPU) Nomor 100 jo 101 year 1939.
  • For baggage with the following state or nature:
    • Easily rotten, easily damage (perishable), contaminating, or endangering.
    • Based on consideration of safety & security, health, or convenience, it may result damage or danger.
  • Garuda Indonesia will immediately annihilate the baggage and/or the content without having to pass storage period.
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