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No. Title Download
1 Award Order Form Download
2 Upgrade Award Order Form Download
3 Buy Mileage Form Download
4 Change Schedule Form Download
5 Hotel Redemption Form Download
6 Hotel Redemption Redeposit Form Download
7 Member Data Update Form Download
8 Miles Redemption Table for Flight Download
9 Missing Mileage Form Download
10 Notice Letter Download
11 Power of Attorney Download
12 Redeposit Form Download
13 Tier Matching Order Form Download
14 Travel Voucher Redemption Form Download
15 Inflight Shop Magazine Download
16 Redemption Tier Upgrade GarudaMiles Year End Festival Form Download
17 Travel Pass GarudaMiles Year End Festival Form Download
18 Discount Award Ticket GarudaMiles Year End Festival Form Download
19 Sales on Board Redemption Form Download
20 Award Event Form Download
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Garuda Indonesia is the first Indonesian airline to join SkyTeam

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